Thursday, January 27, 2005

Address for Windows

Brilliant. Frickin' Brilliant. Windows users, check out this very nice little Address Book Application.

Then read this blog post about making the most out of managing your contacts in a connected world.

I'm hoping the author of the Address Book Application will one day offer 2 things:

1) an open API to offer a "live view" into the address book data, for both reading and writing
2) an open synchronization API

I'm assuming it already offers vCards ? is it able to recognize duplicate address book data and "merge" it if needed? Anyway, mad props to "Jib".

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Anonymous said...

As of the last version published, the app does store address cards directly in vCard 2.1 format.

Check here for the Adress Book (for Win) author's homepage:

As you can see, development has stopped - likely to not be taken up again. Perhaps a bit of nudging would incent Jib to open-source the project (minus the copyrighted skins, I suppose). That's the only way your two wishes will come true, I fear. Ideally, until Apple ports its apps to Win32/64 platforms, ahahaha... we'll see this app or something like it open-sourced and developed to continually match/surpass(?) the Apple Address Book.

Of course, if everyone just switched to OSX, we wouldn't have to worry about any of this, or if the Mac Mini really was $500 (as opposed to 700 and change for 802.11g and BT, an 80gb drive, and enough memory to actually run OSX).

Ah hell, what am I saying, all of us XP and Linux power users are just going to be running PearPC ( one day, anyway!