Thursday, September 28, 2006

Vote for Blossom / Dan @ MyDreamApp

Dan says:
Round 2 voting is open at . I need votes! Vote for Dan and my idea Blossom. I'm hovering at 4th and 5th place - let other ppl know if you can, thanks
Blossom is Dan's concept for a productivity application for Mac OS X. If his idea wins the MyDreamApp contest, the application will get built, and he'll share in the profits it generates. If you believe his idea to be valuable, you ought to vote for it.


dan said...

hey Chris, thanks for the props :) - Dan

OakMonster said...

In that case, my poor Blossom would surely wilt away. Look where I am right now at 10:43 a.m.!! ;-D

I will sign up and vote for Dan (after I get some real work done...hehee) Because Frenchy said so!

Chris Holland said...

awww yea. Go Oakz :D