Friday, September 22, 2006

Ode to Ernest

I don't know many developers who are sharp coders, and amazing designers. Ernest is. He can wield Photoshop with great mastery to develop a vision for coders to execute on. Being a coder himself, his designs always lend themselves to efficiency and sensical implementation. He'll also happily turn around and code the whole thing himself, as web standards bear very few secrets to him.

I started building our web site, a few weeks ago, focusing on content, as i knew that whatever i'd come up with would look horrendous. And I sure delivered. Ernest once again, was gracious enough to bestow his vision upon me. I just received a Photoshop document from him, and I just can't wait to start hacking at it. It looks nice, very, very nice. Brandy's jaw dropped.

The Shopping Widget was also his design.

In the end, having strong design skills in a development team is an invaluable asset, and I sure am glad to have Ernest on mine. In the process of building applications, it's a common mistake to dedicate too little attention to user interface design. It's a true challenge, and one well-worth solving, that'll lend added credibility and a competitive advantage in a cut-throat market.

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Go Ernest!