Friday, September 08, 2006

Google Apps for Your Domain is Live :o

Google has just released "Google Apps for your Domain". Say you own "somedomain.tld", and you have some sort of control over its DNS settings.

Google lets you specify an MX record that points to their SMTP servers, to handle all incoming mail to your domain. It's GMail, of course, and it works very well. Say hi.

Google lets you specify CNAME entries for anyhost.somdomain.tld, that points to one of their web servers, with good ol' "Host:" HTTP header-based virtual web hosting. Check out Guess what they let you create pages with? None other than Google Lab's

But there's more I've not yet played with:

- Chat: XMPP federation for your domain.
- Calendar sharing.

Screenshot? Yup, right here.

Want your own? Google appears to have limited sign-ups available right here. Not sure how long that's going to be available :)


Kimberley said...

In the near future Google will eat everybodies thoughts and ask you what to search for.
At least , you've got a nice name!

Kimberley, Amsterdam. Holland

Chris Holland said...

perhaps google will one day eat my name too? :o

Kimberley said...

As long it isn't my little country....;)

Chris Holland said...

i'm not sure that taking over Holland would fit too well within their whole "Don't be Evil" ... "moto".

Kimberley said...

You're right, they're very friendly. As long as i can see our house on Google earth, i don't feel being watched at all hahaha.
I did react on your comment at my weblog.

Have fun and sleep well, the day started already over here. 9/11..


Nick Comper said...

HI Chris,

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