Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Brandy and

Based on Ernest's Photoshop mock-up, and after tweaking some content, the new is up and running.

The slideshows are semantically marked-up, and brought to life through a modified version of a pretty simple, yet effective reusable CSS/JS concoction i'd put together a while back.

The tabbed navigation *and* its content are wrapped into HTML List Items, which is a bit of a crazy/overkill way of doing this, but i figured it'd be fun for content to be tied in the markup to the section it corresponds to. A more classic approach might have been to have a UL block that describes the headers, followed by a succession of DIV blocks for the contents of each section.

My approach does make things clumsy in the sense that I have to "manually" position content blocks with negative "left:" absolute positions within a given LI block. This results in the little dots between the headers not always being centered. But it's not too horrible :) It does look better on a Mac than on a PC, with the "Zapf Chancery" font.


Ernest Millan said...

Nice work, Chris. Thanks for letting me lend a hand with the Photoshop work.

OakMonster said...

Only you could turn the building of your wedding website into a tech/geek blog post. LOL.

brandy said...
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