Friday, July 01, 2005

29 years

here's to another year elapsed since reluctantly crawling out of the womb.

If anybody out there cares to make my day, they'll give me a ring at after 2pm pacific time and/or leave a message if i'm not picking-up, to say "happy birthday". If you don't already have SIP running on your computer, you could follow these instructions. If you wish to learn some mostly-non-nerdy basics about SIP, you might consider this article.

SIP is cool. It's open. It's free. It works. It's also now usable. If you have a computer with some kind of microphone, some headphones laying around to avoid feedback loops, broadband connectivity, you're good to go, right now, you can send and receive calls from anybody, to anybody.

Skype is fun, and likely the most user-friendly way to make free online calls, but it's a closed platform, a closed protocol. Skype is to real-time communications what Compuserve was to messaging in the early 90's: a closed ecosystem. Consumers need to get excited about SIP to encourage developers to build better SIP software and infrastructures.

I'm working on Mom and Dad right now.


Dimitri Glazkov said...

Happy birthday Chris! I don't have SIP, and I try not use profanities anymore (with the young son and all ;), so I thought I'll leave the cheers here.

May you all your wishes come true this next year, and let your spirit and insipration soar.

And be good, of course.

OakMonster said...

Happy birthday my dearest Frenchyyyyyyy. Long may he raves! ;-)

I'm not all that high tech here at work so this will have to do for now. Muwaaahh!

Rich...! said...

Hey Chris, thanks for the heads up on sip, am trying to get hooked up now. Hope you have a superrad day/year.

Much respect...!

Chris Holland said...

Dimitri: thanks for stopping-by dude :) How's your XPath project coming along? :)

Chris Holland said...

Rich: very cool, i'm glad you're looking into it. Ping me if you have any questions, and be sure to get everyone you know to use SIP in some way or another. Check out the post after this one.

Dimitri Glazkov said...

Eh. It's somewhat dead. Not my fault though -- performance killed it! :)

I've decided to contribute time to a more exciting project instead: