Thursday, July 14, 2005

Last Few Weeks Fun

Beyond doing and writing about my typical share of nerdy stuff, i've actually been up to some not-too-nerdy-things in the last few weeks:

- I planted nails in wood! Watched Brandy paint wood. Brandy redid the backyard very nicely!

- Brandy's Brother's came over with his Fiancee and his 2 boys! We grilled meat!

- I hosted a Bachelor Party. Ate meat.

- Got sunburned. tanned. ran 5 miles.

- Ate more meat. I rode a bull. Did silly drunk things. Climbed on my roof to watch invisible fireworks (sober! that was another day). Played with TMaxx. Broke TMaxx. Repaired TMaxx.

- had birthday fun at Lindy Groove.

- tanned some more. ran 5 miles.

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