Monday, July 11, 2005

Blingo Invite

Join Blingo Friends with Me

Blingo is a new search engine that gives away prizes every day
like Sony PlayStation Portables, Apple iPods, Visa gift cards,
a year of free movies at Blockbuster Online, and more.

By joining Blingo Friends you can invite your friends to use
Blingo, and when one of them wins a prize you win the same prize.
That means if one of your friends wins an iPod, you win one too.

Your Blingo Invite.

Chris Holland and Blingo


Anonymous said...

Blingo is very fun....I just joined SearchChips as well. Sign up with me if you can:


Steven said...

I'm pretty sure I just won you a movie ticket... close to three years after I signed up using your invite code ;) I took a blingo hiatus for a while.

Chris Holland said...

Yea i just claimed it!!! haha awesome dude, thanks for your hard work :D woohoo :D

Anonymous said...

sign up with me if you can!