Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Sorry State of Broadband. Municipalities to the Rescue

Last night i finally got around to put into words my frustrations as a broadband consumer. If you share these frustration, please, do spread the word, let your lawmakers know.

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Enrique Sosa said...

I feel your pain. I've been paying $50 to my cable subscriber for over 2 years. It's obvious they don't want to lower the price of broadband. So to "justify" the price, they keep playing commercials of how they "keep increasing the speed" for their customers. Horseshit! That's their ploy to keep us paying the $50/month.

Bellsouth has brought theirs down to $20/month. Although I don't know the details as to what kind of phone service you have to have.

Reason I went with our cable provider was because I got sick of the contracts with phone companies. Especially since we're still moving around and haven't really settled. The fees just to move my service were killing me. It's not like I was even leaving the provider altogether. I stayed with them. At least my cable provider doesn't have a contract. I can drop them whenever I want and not pay a fee for it.

Something has to be done to bring broadband down. I'm up for a fight.