Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Communicate, Collaborate, Securely, Cross-Platform

Joi Ito is telling us about a really cool new cross-platform tool, Shinkuro:
It's basically a very cryptographically robust, cross-platform collaboration tool. It allows you to create groups and share folders of files, has a shared chat space (like IRC) and allows you to share your desktop screen with other members of the group (yes, across platforms). The shared files are transfered in the background and edits to files are sent as diffs which can be accepted into the original by the recipient. There is also standard IM with your buddy list. The great thing is that all of the traffic is encrypted. 256 bit AES and 2048 bit RSA keys. Each message is encrypted with a unique key, and the key is transmitted under the RSA key. This is very important since I know for a fact that people sniff IM and other traffic at many of the conferences and public places.
I'm chrisholland!

For now, you can obtain an unlimited license for free. I bet this offer won't last.

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