Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Rational Discourse. Where Art Thou?

There are a few reasons behind my light blogging of late. My off-work hours are filled with a number of projects I'm juggling at the same time. One of them is both insanely exciting and frustrating. With this in mind, I have a question for you, my readers:

How do you find common-ground with a few key persons who can't seem to agree with your perceived common good, how do you engage in rational, productive, solution-oriented banter, how do you get them to refute specific points you're making?

Is Beer the answer?


Anonymous said...

Remember, if you expect to change somebody else's mind, you first have to be prepared to change your own.

OakMonster said...

Someone beat me to "Getting to Yes". But that's one book we studied in one of our communications class at SC. I'll dig around my old piles of conflict resolutions reader and other fun communications crap this weekend, and will email you more resources.