Friday, August 27, 2004

Pictures! There are Pictures! is an insanely great service. It's a very-well thought out and constantly improving photo sharing web site. There appears to be virtually no absolute limit to the number of pictures you may place. It is a monthly quota. They're encouraging people to use their site as a constantly updating "Photo Stream", while making it very easy to manage pictures in batches.

Based on textual information associated with pictures, the site serves mostly relevant ads from Google's AdSense program, which appears to be a part of how they're planning to subsidize their service. Members can easily associate an unlimited amount of arbitrary "textual tags" to each picture, which instantly builds various "views" of one's album:I'm looking forward to see what else Ludicorp comes-up with :)


Dimitri Glazkov said...


Where have you been? I was looking for something like this for a long time. Flickr seems to fit my photo needs exactly. Thanks!

Chris Holland said...

hey thanks for stopping-by Dimitri :) flickr is really good stuff. In fact, i'm hoping they'll soon offer photo print services. That would rock.