Monday, August 09, 2004

Meet Harley

Meet Harley Harley is not my cat. Harley belongs to Joe, Brandy's roommate. I don't have pets. I haven't spent centuries reincarnating myself up the food chain to be scrubbing a pet's doo-doo. I do love pets. And pets love me. But I'm not one to deprive a pet owner from the privilege of tending to said pet's fecal matter. Developing ties with "other people's pets" clearly brings me the best of both worlds.

Thru wisdom and experience acquired in past lives, not the least of which were likely feline, I have developed the MagicScratch™ technique. I've already said too much.

Harley is alright. A cat with real flair and a slight penchant for goofiness would be Simon, Brandy's cat.

meowmix meowmix please deliver.


Handa said...

Thats one cat with "DONT MESS WITH ME" look written all over. Cmon Chris, post a pic where it is not ANGRY

Anonymous said...

Harley has bottomless pits for eyes. Deep infinite black pools of DOOM.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I said that.

OakMonster said...

I didn't know you're a cat person. That completely changes how I feel about you. Just kidding. It just makes you more endearing to me. ;-)

Anyway, how old is your "baby"? Post more pictures!

Ernest Millan said...

Whose pussy is that?