Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Friday 8/20: Man Appreciation Day 2004

Man Appreciation Day 2004
Man Appreciation Day 2004,
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Brandy and Linda treated Daryll and me to "Man Appreciation" day on Friday. It was an evening filled with things Men like to do. We need to make this a national holiday. It was so totally awesome. Brandy and Linda rule.

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e said...

should still be out in stores. check out the magz racks. it's the september issue that just came out this week.

Chris Holland said...

i subscribed last night. huhuhu. I get to see Milla on their web features.

e said...

nice. i didnt know there is such a thing as "man appreciation" day. maybe because most if not all of my female friends are hardcore feminists and i happen to be the only man left who can enjoy being dissed.