Friday, April 08, 2005

Two Dogs Up For Adoption!

A friend of a friend, Megan, is seeking loving homes for two lovely dogs. If you're interested, feel free to send inquiries to me and/or my good friend Oakley ( her blog entry on this).

We're all located in Southern California.

Let me just emphasize the fact that this is a fairly urgent matter, two dogs' lives are at stake here.

Here's the 411:
I was talking to Brandon about having to find a home for my American Bulldog.  He lived at my mom's house who was renting and the landlord has decided after 11 years to sell the house and she has to move and can't take Beethoven or Sami with her.  Sami is a Black Lab mix who's 8 years old. Beethoven is 4 years old and both are very sweet.  Beethoven has allergies but doesn't take anything except Advantage.  Beethoven is balding due to his allergies but he doesn't scratch or lick because of it.  The shelters all say he is un-adoptable because of his allergies, so they would put him down. Sami we gave to the Humane Society but would love to connect her with someone who could give her a loving home.  Beethoven is a really good dog when he is one on one (no other animals) otherwise he feels like he is in competition and is a little hyper.  I figure if I tell enough people someone has to know someone who knows someone who could help.


OakMonster said...

First, massive kudos to the Frenchy! Thank you for putting this up on your well-visited blog. :)

Good news - it looks like Beethoven may have found a home, so he's not heading for doggy heaven. Phew!

The only one left now is Sami the black lab mix. Any takers?

OakMonster said...

Both doggies have found home!

Thank you for your help again Frenchy, and for everyone's interest!