Friday, April 08, 2005

Om Malik: Internet Anxiety

Another interesting piece by Om Malik gives us his take on what he refers to as "Internet Anxiety Disorder".

I doubt most of us can exactly relate to his plight, at least, not I, in the sense that I'm not important and not many people care to be in touch with me at any given point. I consider myself lucky in that regard.

I subscribe to over 100 RSS feeds in NetNewsWire, and it does feel overwhelming at times, but i go through periods, such as this one, where I just tune out the rest of the world as a challenging project occupies the largest part of my waking hours.

Running helps clear my mind and refocus. I'm glad I took that up a couple of months ago. The iPod Shuffle makes this all the more enjoyable.

From my home, i'll run down 8th street, to the strand, through the sand, to the water, hang a right, headed up north to Manhattan Beach Pier for a while, once there, hang another right, through the sand, past the strand, up the Manhattan Beach blvd. hill, hang a right at the wood-chip trail, head back south to hermosa beach for another while, a right on 8th street, back to home. Takes me about 45 to 50 minutes of unabated chris-time. I do this some Friday evenings, every Saturday, and every Sunday. And then? A manly bubble-bath in the claw-foot tub, HOOH-HAH HAH!

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