Thursday, March 15, 2007

Barcamp Los Angeles 3 Coming Up!

I'll be missing Saturday due to a prior engagement, but will be at Barcamp Los Angeles 3 Sunday, hoping to attend a lot of good sessions.

I had a blast at last year's Barcamp LA... That prezo tried to convey hopes we could soon stop relying on phone numbers to communicate with each-other, with all Web documents encoding SIP contact information in microformats, ready to be picked-up by smarter devices that could not only read that information, but also store it in their local address book, and enable the user to contact a person over SIP. One key reason we're still somewhat shackled to phone companies today, is that we depend on phone numbers.

Back then, I was working at EarthLink. After 8 good years there, last November, I joined Internet Brands, Inc, trading a 1+ hour commute each way for ... 15 minutes each way, and opening-up a new chapter in my career, with a brand new set of challenges and opportunities.

2007 should be a wild ride for IB. And we'll be needing more help. With this in mind, we'll be sponsoring Barcamp LA 3, hoping to connect with the L.A. geek community. We're hiring!

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