Thursday, February 22, 2007

Seeking a User Interface Engineer

This position was recently posted to the IB careers site. Here's the description I drafted-up:

The Company

Internet Brands is a leading operator of media and e-commerce sites for "large ticket" consumer purchases, such as cars and mortgages. Our sites include,,,,, and others within the auto, mortgage and travel verticals. We empower consumers to make better product choices and save money by providing them with superior content and knowledge.


We're seeking a Web User Interface Engineer to join a growing team of outstanding coders hard at work building useful, profit-generating, game-changing applications.

Projects might range from maintaining, enhancing existing applications to building new ones, covering a wide range of domains.

Required Qualifications

A qualified candidate will demonstrate a ferocious enthusiasm for clean, semantic, accessible, interoperable markup that validates, as well as ability to leverage some of these concepts to promote increased search engine visibility.

Beyond markup, a qualified candidate will demonstrate outstanding mastery of CSS to execute on our Creative Department's design guidance, and collaborate with Creative and Product Management, to suggest and prototype usability-enhancing considerations where applicable.

Candidates must be prepared to provide code samples, and/or write code during the interviewing process.

Additional Qualifying Considerations

  • Strong communication skills
  • Experience working in teams
  • Familiarity and proven track-record dealing with Win/IE and other browser quirks in CSS and DOM
  • Demonstrated JavaScript mastery
  • Demonstrated XmlHttpRequest mastery
  • Demonstrated DOM mastery.
  • Demonstrated DOM Events mastery
  • Familiarity with Cross-Site Scripting issues.
  • Strong understanding of HTTP.
  • Familiarity with Source-Control: svn, cvs.
  • Experience working with DWR a plus.
  • Experience with Microformats a plus
Interested? Tell me why. Send a note to my first name dot my last name at internetbrands dot com. Or just apply here.

We've also got a position open for a PHP developer. We've filled the PHP position, for now, but do keep an eye on the IB careers site.

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