Saturday, April 08, 2006

Noteworthy Service Launches: Zillow-Killer, Frucall recently launched a Zillow-killing home valuation engine. I'm liking better than because they work in Safari, their interfaces and features feel more intuitive and not nerdy. Oh and they do appear to have a little thing called a business model, imagine that: juicy realtor and home-lending referrals. The fact that they value my home slightly higher than Zillow ... doesn't hurt either heh. Kudos to Joe's team :)

Someone dropped me a note about Frucall. It lets you call them up from your cell phone to get comparison shopping information for just about any product. Sounds pretty useful! :)


Ernest Millan said...

Yeah, in terms of accuracy, blew out of the water. In the case of my house, its projected value was just slighty above what I had expected considering the fact that prices are *still* going up. Contrary to the opinion of many renters who put a great deal of faith in an impending holy real estate armageddon that will supposedly come to pass. We'll see, but fat-chance, I say.

Anyway, it was nice, at least, to get a handle on the comps and recent activity in the area.

So yeah, great work "Joe's team". This is actually useful.

- Ernest Millan said...
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