Wednesday, March 15, 2006

PhoneGnome Developer Community Launches

David Beckemeyer's PhoneGnome, a neat little box that makes your home phone actually useful, and gives you a slew of features phone companies typically charge you up to $30/month for, is launching its User-Contributed Library. It will feature a collection of tools built by enthusiastic developers leveraging PhoneGnome's open API, to get the most out of their little box.

The first contributor to the library is Dr. Mark Petrovic, with a little handheld phone interface to the Phone Gnome. In David's words:
This little demo app is an application of real-world convergence in the here (hear?) and now. I can use my mobile to access and control my home phone, to make calls using my PhoneGnome Internet plans, and to do stuff like send a voice message (click a contact, my phone rings, and I record a message into the phone and PhoneGnome sends it to that contact as a WAV attachment in an email). that way I can send a long message, say even when driving,
without getting into an accident trying to enter it into the phone keyboard.

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