Sunday, September 11, 2005

Om Malik is Mr. 5000

Mad congrats to Om Malik for finally reaching the 5000th posts mark. He manages to juggle a very busy day job contributing insightful columns to Business 2.0 Magazine, while bringing the tech community a constant flurry of scoops and ever thoughtful commentaries.

Speaking of Business 2.0 Magazine. I recently subscribed, received my first issue, and was very impressed by the quality of its content. Subscription right now is only $10 for the whole year. With that cheap a price, I was expecting the magazine to just be a collection of ads. But it isn't!

I've also recently subscribed to the quarterly Make magazine
I've heard good things about it, and their online journal posts are always interesting. And free! I haven't yet received my first issue, but will try to report back when I do get it.

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