Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Information Overload

Dan's got a great piece outlining the information overload he faces, and what steps he takes to partly overcome it. Pearls of wisdom. This 16 year-old is more articulate than many TV anchors and professional online journalists I've seen. Watch out World. A few months back, Om Malik did a related piece on Internet Anxiety Disorder.

I fear to open my news reader. I've taken a few step backs in the past few months, and have only been sporadically checking one or two sites, such as Om Malik's or TheAppleBlog (to which I also contribute). I rely on Dan to IM me anything important I may be missing out on.

Work's been keeping my mind busy 24/7, while Brandy and I try to stay away from the computers on weekends to catch-up on our sunburns at the beach. The water was fantastic last Sunday. I had a good time boogie-boarding while Brandy was snuggled-away in the shadow of her umbrella.

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