Wednesday, August 03, 2005

AVP Weekend Fun

AVP Girls
AVP Girls,
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The July 23rd weekend was quite fun. Tom and Laura came down to visit us with their friend from England. Brandy took them to the beach while I stalked most of the AVP games.

Hermosa Beach was crawling with people.

Both the Men's Final on Saturday and the Women's Final on Sunday were broadcast on NBC. The stands were packed and long lines were formed to get in, as the event was free.

On Saturday, after waiting in line, I managed to get in for the Men's final just at the right time to enjoy most of the 3 games. It was a close call I did not want to repeat for the Women's final on Sunday. So i bought a "Beach Club" pass, which gave me access to the sand, right below the stage. I'll be saving-up to do the same next year.

It was very impressive to watch the Women wield such grace and power in their play. Their serves were very powerful, more powerful than most Men's games I saw, where the ball was mostly lobed over the net.

I managed to videotape the Women's final on Sunday, I've yet to import it and put it up on Google Video. I got sunburned on the face pretty badly in the process. During the lunch break, the AVP Girls were kind enough to pose for this picture. They had some very impressive choreographed bits.

On Sunday Tom and I took our Tmaxxes out for a spin at the park. We had to change our glow plugs. I busted the front bumper last weekend. Poor car. I'll be buying more parts soon.

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