Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Real-Time 2K Playback for Film and HD Content: Frame Thrower at SIGGRAPH

Those of you working in the film industry, or any industry leveraging real-time playback of high-resolution imaging, ought to stop-by Digital Ordnance's booth at SIGGRAPH San Diego. It should be fairly easy to find ... look for the tallest guy on the floor, manning the smallest booth, with the biggest crowd of on-lookers.

While i won't make it this year, as beyond personal interests, this isn't technically "my industry", it's always nice to see Daryll show-off their network-attached real-time 2k playback system: The Frame Thrower. It's amazing to watch stock footage unfold on a big monitor while being able to use a simple jog shuttle to granularly control playback speed, zoom-in on any portion of the image, apply a rich selection of "on-the-fly" color corrections and effects ... during playback . I hear directors and editors eat this up.

Daryll's company has grown into a well-established player in the digital intermediate industry with a loyal and growing customer-base that swears by their products, shaking pre-established moguls at their core, as industry professionals realize they shouldn't have to fight their digital intermediate tools.

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