Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Astro Battle - Great Online Multiplayer Strategic Shooter

I came across this great review of my good friend Scott's Astro Battle.

Well worth a read!

Astro Battle is implemented in Java, but some advanced features it uses make it buggy to run on OS X for now. Scott's working on it, he just told me on IM:
A Mac version will probably be available this month.
Dude, you're on record now, you'd better deliver :)

I know for a fact that Scott's been working his @ss off on this game, driving him to edge of his sanity, pushing the limits of Software Engineering. Being a one-man shop and spending most of his energy on engineering efforts, the fact that he's managed to build a community of 18,000 users is a testament to the quality of the ecosystem he's built. It's great that he's getting noticed by industry writers.

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