Thursday, December 14, 2006

Samsung NV3 Digital Camera

i just bought the Samsung NV3.

It comes with 15MB internal memory, so you'll likely want to spend some dough on an SD card if you want to take those 7 mega pixel shots at superfine resolution. A 1GB SD card should fit about 250 of those.

As many cameras do, it has a dial on the top that lets you toggle between various modes. Two of those are "auto" and "P"(aka program) modes. The "auto" mode tells the camera to do all of the settings when taking a picture, aka "no-brainer photography", and doesn't let you override granular settings such as ISO, exposure, RGB, white balance, etc.

The "P" mode, also figures out settings automatically, but allows you to "set"/override each one. And it remembers them.

By simply turning the dial, this allows you to effortlessly switch between "no-brainer photography" from the "auto mode" and "full-control photography" from the "P"/program mode with all your last settings.

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