Monday, August 07, 2006

TAB Audio Party Line Relays

This is a follow-up to this post.

For those interested in being an audio party-line relay:

We're still looking for more standby relayers for the audio partyline.

1) Configure SJPhone with a SIP account following these directions

2) in the Preferences menu, "Call options" tab, check [x] automatically accept incoming calls.

3) Make sure the conference button is clicked,

4) e-mail your SIP address to In the e-mail, also tell me what your upstream/downstream speed is on your broadband connectivity ... if you know it.

For everybody else interested in audio party-line:

1) Install MindSpring (PC Users), or GizmoProject (Mac, PC, Linux) or run any other SIP-capable program.
2) plug the following sip address in your SIP program:
3)Find the mute button and keep it pressed unless you need to speak-up :)

If all you have is a phone, try this:

(360) 526-6161

For those interested in a text chat with live keynote updates:

Head here! Go to AIM Chat Room: TheAppleBlog

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