Saturday, June 17, 2006

Shopping Widget: Insanely Useful

One key aspect of online shopping that’s often frustrating is the amount of leg work required to perform basic comparison shopping, across multiple marketplaces and retailers. I’ve often found myself opening-up many browser windows, and many tabs in each browser window, to pursue multiple shopping tracks. Few sites bother to save your shopping history, and once your browser windows are closed, you’ve lost most everything.

Another frustration is the amount of information thrown at me on traditional web pages. With all this real-estate available, and quarterly revenue pressures, we start seeing more ads, links, and clutter.

The Most Insanely Useful Shopping Tool Ever Built

.... in an attempt to bring a measure of Zen to online shopping, rumor has it, there's this shopping widget thing, that was just released ... for us, Mac users.

There have been fabled reports of envious PC users rushing to a nearby Apple Store to pick-up a Mac Mini and KVM switch, to share in the insanely useful awesomeness that this widget is.

Then again, i just may be talking crazy ...

Either way, if you've got a Mac running any version of Tiger, check it out. Stick bugs, wished features and virtual filet mignons in comments to this blog entry, and/or write a review on MacUpdate.

In my frenzy to get this thing out the door and get the word out, I almost forgot to give mad props to Ernest for the visual design of this widget!@. Ernest. totally. rocks.

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