Thursday, October 13, 2005

Call an Apple an Apple: By Ian Hickson

I recently stumbled upon this causticly insightful short piece by Ian Hickson.

I share many of his frustrations, while i've come to reluctantly embrace yet another onslaught of acronyms.

These days, the surest way to call attention to your work is to file it under "Ajax" and "Web 2.0".

While a very useful tool in our shed, the almighty XmlHttpRequest object isn't a panacea for building compelling applications. It's just a newer tool, which happens to have polarized certain developers' creativity, who in turn felt compelled to create a new buzzword that would give it a more central position.

Most buzzwords to-date have either focused on the wrong technology, or put too much emphasis on a particular technology.

Just to mess with the minds of the three people who read this blog, and see whether i can either start a trend or get flamed into oblivion, I'm hereby coining one ugly acronym:

SBIIC: Standards-Based Interactive Interface Components

"sbeeek". oh yeah baby. stop the presses on those Ajax books, we've got something hot here.

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Dimitri Glazkov said...

Somebody ought to start a Web site just to sort out all the acronyms and monikers. It's getting mighty confusing out there.

On the other hand, you can just feel the excitement about the Web. 'tis the season of Renaissance.