Tuesday, October 18, 2005

On TV Tonight - KABC-TV News Channel 7 @5pm

update: 5pm: I just found the story online

Back in August, KABC-TV, channel 7 of Southern California stopped-by the house to do a brief bit on blogging.

They called me this morning, telling me they're finally airing it *TODAY 10/18/2005*. Chances are i might show-up for a whole 5 seconds :)

They're saying it should air on News that come-on at ... around ... or after 5pm. I'm never home during that time, so i really don't have a way to tape it, watch it, or see how much of a fool i made of myself, which i guess, is a good thing. heh, heh.

If you're able to TiVo or VCR it, that'd be cool.


Anonymous said...


Ernest Millan said...

Phear not, Phrog. I'm recording it. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Luckily you still have about 14 minutes more of fame to cash in on.

Anonymous said...

Isnt 5 seconds pretty normal for you?
It was great to see you - Chey and I were shocked!
You Rule -

Anonymous said...


As of now it is not on http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/

Perhaps they will add it in a day or so.

Either way, thanks for WICK!


OakMonster said...

Oooh my Frenchy is a celebrity.

(time clock ticking...)

Didn't see it either. Was enroute home from work.

J said...



Chris Holland said...

heh thanks james, yeah we've all seen that.