Friday, September 09, 2005

Verizon Fiber is Here

Verizon Fiber is Here
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Daryll, who lives right up the street from me, is among the lucky first in my area to be eligible for Verizon FIOS. He had me plug his phone number on the VZ site, and this image shows you what they're offering.

Here's an interesting disclaimer from the fine print: "The Verizon Online version of MSN® Premium is not Macintosh® compatible".

This is pretty consistent with MSN's overall message to Mac Users: "Eat Sh*t and Die". That's because they don't know how to build applications.

Whatever. Who uses MSN anyway?

If you care about online services such as 8 email addresses, free online calling, web space, spam blocking, scam blocking, spyware blocking, ubiquitous address book synchronization all nicely packaged, on Mac and PC, 10 hours of free dial-up with dial-up accelerator (convenient when you're traveling), just buy the "EarthLink Experience" for $10/month. You'll get everything other members get. It's not advertised, but if you call'em up and ask for it, they'll know. I just switched my DSL account to it.

With the above VZ $35/month package, you're still only out $45/month.

I've seen the Verizon trucks install fiber on poles around my neighborhood, so I would expect we're not far behind.

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