Saturday, August 14, 2004

Gotham Gal Ribs

Gotham Gal Ribs
Gotham Gal Ribs,
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A VC points to Gotham Gal's Ribs in his blog. This all sounded way too succulent to pass-up, so I e-mailed the recipe to Brandy who wholeheartedly agreed. We picked-up the racks and ingredients last night and Brandy started the marinating.

This picture shows the ribs 40 minutes in the oven today. We're planning on having them for dinner with Daryll and Linda tonight.

Brandy wishes me to add this disclaimer: since I'm a big slacker, I don't own a cookie sheet! As she couldn't put them all on one sheet, the ribs are cooking on 2 different racks in the oven, which is likely to add to the challenge.

Update: Those ribs were good. Pure ... animal ... bliss. I want more.


fred said...

so, how did they come out?

let me know, the gotham gal

SaneBrit said...

[couldn't see yer email link, so I'm leaving a comment!]

I'm prolly gonna abandon 'SwingIt!' soon, as it bores me now.

But wait! There's good news too... I'm starting another blog - - which you are welcome to visit. It's gonna be less PC, more hard hitting and maybe funnier too [I hope].

Thanks for the visits, and maybe I'll see ya in the future (",)

jonny, aka SaneBrit