Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Tsunami Videos Torrents

update: (second batch) Austin's Blog has gathered more dramatic videos. Keep visiting his site for potential updates. You can download them all from this convenient torrent, courtesy of prodigem. If you link to the torrent, be sure to credit and link to his blog.

(first batch) Here's the link to the torrent file. (Get BitTorrent here).

I got those videos from Contemporary Unsanity before it got slashdotted (Mirror), so i figured I'd seed them as Torrents. Be sure to visit them, credit them, not me.

Be sure to donate what you can to the Red Cross. Here's a handy page i put-up to place an Amazon Tsunami Relief donation badge on your site, home page, or blog.


Anonymous Person said...

Hi, I have a torrent as well with almost 1000 people seeding so there is a ton of bandwidth. I'm going to release the 2nd torrent in an hour or so which has all of the latest files not contained in TsunamiTorrentV1.

Check it out here

cVp said...

Please link to my Blog:
It has links to tsunami info and is update regularly.

Thank you